Ancestral Tourism

For those interested in Ancestral tourism there is plenty to do and see around Finnich Cottages.  This part of Scotland has been the scene of battles and historic events throughout the Centuries.  Through it runs the “Highland Line “ which marks the change from the Lowlands to the Highlands of Scotland. It is a patchwork quilt of Families and Clans.

Finnich Malise itself is the home of Andrew Durie of Durie, Family Chief of the Durie Family who originated close to Dunfermline in Fife.  He has been on the Executive Committee of the Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs for some years and will be happy to help you if he can.

In sight of Finnich Cottages is Buchanan Castle the old seat of the Dukes of Montrose, Heads of the Graham Family, but it is now a ruin.  To the South almost in view, is Duntreath Castle home of the Edmonstone Family, guarding the approaches to Glasgow.
 To the West, Inverary Castle is home of the Duke of Argyll, Clan Chief of the Campbells  beautifully situated at the head of Loch Fyne it is open to the public and well worth visiting.
To the East towards Stirling lie the lands of the Younger and Stirling Families  bordering the rich lands  of the “Moss “ which were marsh and peat until the 18th Century.
    To the North lie the lands of the Macgregors; Rob Roy is buried at Balquidder and the Maclarens.  On the West shore of Loch Lomond is the home of the Colquhouns close to the pretty village of Luss. Only a Clan and Family map can show the huge number of different names that came from this part of Scotland. 
Historic sights, Castles and Battlefields are everywhere, as this part of Scotland was the gateway to the North from Roman times. There are 5 castles promoted by Historic Scotland within 30 minute’s drive including Stirling, Dumbarton. Doune and Rough.  The battlefield of Bannockburn (1314) is just outside Stirling, site also of the Battle of Stirling Bridge (1296).  North is Sherrifmuir (1715) and to the East the Battlefields of Falkirk (1298 and 1746).

For those interested in tracing their origins, seeking their roots or just following up pieces of History then there is much to do from Finnich Cottages. If you want to find out more about your family, here  are some useful websites:

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