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Hot Tubs

We are delighted to offer our guests the use of our wood-fired Scandinavian hot tubs where you can relax and enjoy the beautiful Loch Lomond scenery. They are private next to your cottage and they won't be used by anyone else whilst you're staying here.
They are optional extras and not included in the rent, so if you would like to use them please complete our booking form.

Hot tub hire is £49 for a stay.

The tubs are heated by wood-burning stoves which takes some time hence some planning is required.
We provide a store of seasoned logs and kindling for you to heat the water yourselves and use whenever you like during your stay.

If you are planning lots of days out exploring the Loch Lomond National Park surroundings, we offer a hot tub preheat service. It would be a good option, especially during the winter months when it can take a really long time to get the water steaming hot, a good 4 hours plus.

For the preheating service, we charge  £29 on top of the hot tub hire.



The tubs will be filled by Finnich staff prior to your arrival and, with the use of appropriate chemicals, the water can remain in the tub for up to three days before being replaced. Filling the one tub takes approximately 40minutes and heating the tub with the wood burners takes up to 2,5 hours in the summer and around 3-4 hrs in the winter months. 
The firewood for the hot tubs is provided by us along with kindling, matches, and firelighters and the wood will be ready in your wood store when you arrive. We will provide you the instruction of how to use the hot tub in our welcome book and we're always around if you need a hand getting it going. 

If you are planning a day out exploring the area or just relaxing with a book or drink you can ask Finnich staff to preheat the hot tubs for you. We will need several hours' notice in order to have the tubs ready so please let the on-site contact know when you want to use the tub. They have well-insulated lids, so once it's hot on your first day, it will stay warm for the following day and you can re-heat easily yourselves. 
To book the preheating service please use the button above.

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