The Finnich Cottages area is a haven for spectacular wildlife of all shapes, sizes and species from mighty red deer and osprey to tiny birds and delicate butterflies.

Every visit to our area provides unrivaled opportunities for wildlife spotting.

Just watch the trees, grass, sheep-run or sky...

The trees around the House and Steading were planted when the house was built in 1809. Many of these survive along the drives and in the wood below the house.

Here you will find old Oaks, Beeches and Sycamores, mixed with Scot’s Pine and tall Larches.

There are plenty of younger trees growing through, and some new broad leaves have been planted to fill the gaps ofwind blow.

Rhododendrons and Azaleas thrive in the climate of the West of Scotland .

Both are at their best in May and June.

To the South of the back drive are two new forestry projects. Both are a mix of

hard and soft woods with broad alleys to walk through.

The first was planted in 2012 and the second in 2017.

There is a wide range of Scottish wild life on the estate.

Roe deer live in the woods, and Red deer have been seen on the hill. Hares are welcome but thankfully rabbits died from disease some years ago.

An exciting moment in 2016 was the first sighting of a red squirrel at Finnich for 20 years.

They seem to have taken hold. Why?

Because of the return of the Pine Martin spreading down the West Coast, which attack the grey but not the red squirrels.

Moles we have in abundance and Hedgehogs, though rarely seen.

The bird life is extensive. Many types of small song birds come to the bird tables including Finches, several sorts of Tits Sparrows and the rarer Nuthatch.

Add the colourful Wagtails, Thrushes, Blackbirds and of course the Robin.

You will hear and hopefully see a Green Woodpecker but are unlikely to see the Barn Owls.

Buzzards are common, happily attacking the crows who

are a pest especially to the young lambs.

So too are the foxes often heard but seldom seen.

Many are urban foxes with no natural instincts, foolishly

dumped in the countryside.

If you are very lucky you may see a rare Osprey who fly over Finnich to Loch Lomond to feed.

Geese in their beautiful V formation fly over in autumn and

spring, a spectacular sight and sound.

There are Pheasants and Woodcock in the woods along the drive, always a joy to see , and a Snipe has been spotted

out on the grazing.

Duck nest on our little lochs and a Heron comes to one,

which means the end to any fish there !

There is so much to see around Finnich Estate but it needs bright eyes and even better, a pair of binoculars.

Make a list of all you see and write it into the

Nature Book in the Hall.

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